My Scrapbooking (R)evolution - Part 3 Style

Monday, April 12, 2010

Once I got into digi and found a world of freebies, I got a little out of control.  I downloaded all sorts of products just because they looked appealing. I didn't actually think about if they would work with the style of page I wanted to create.

This resulting in a HUGE library of product, which made it impossible to find anything I actually wanted to use.  I made pages that I didn't love, but they were done.  That's how I sped through and got "caught up."
Then a couple things happened around the same time to change this approach. 

First I read an article on Simple Scrapper titled "What is Your Scrapping Style?".  Interestingly none of them really inspired me.  They were all styles I was downloading, but not what I was really drawn to.  Pages created by designers like Paislee Press and Ali Edwards were what I wanted to create.  I wasn't sure what to call it exactly, but I knew that's what I wanted to create.
(See some of Ali's pages here or here and Liz from Paislee Press posts her pages here)

Then I heard a podcast (I think it was an old episode of ScrapHappy) featuring a book about finding your style and focusing on making those type of pages.  The author suggested that identifying your style would make you more efficient at scrapping.  Although the concept wasn't earth shattering, it sunk in over time and I soon realized the author was right.  I went through my hard drive and deleted all those unused freebies so I could find what I wanted (scary, huh?).  I focused on purchases and freebies from designers that were my style.  I created pages I loved.

Chasing the Sun QP2 by Paislee Press and WordArt freebie by Gwenipooh

Now I have a less extensive library.  I download a freebie or make a purchase every few weeks instead of a few a day.  But I can find what I want when inspiration strikes me.

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