Five on Friday

Friday, April 2, 2010

1. Favorite Printable Coupon Sites (yes, you can print your own!):

2. Tips for Better Zoo Photography

3. Cute idea for Easter breakfast from Super Organiser Mom
    Other cute Easter toppers can be found here.  (Thanks, TipJunkie!)

4. Any chocolate lovers out there?  You know I am!  Well here's my most favorite indulgence while still keeping the guilt in check - VitaTops!  Trust me - keep it in the plastic wrap (don't open!) and microwave it for 27-30 seconds (assuming you are taking it from the freezer).  Mmmm, melty chocolatey goodness.  You can also order the baking mix to make them at home (otherwise you have to freeze them as soon as they arrive). 

I have on occasion found the mix at Super Target and the frozen full muffins (more calories of course) in the frozen natural foods section of my local grocery store.

5. And if you want some Vita tops, make sure to subscribe to Hungry Girl emails.  She releases great coupons (like free shipping!) all the time.  Better coupons than you get from the Vitalicious site!  She has other great tips on all things food related.

By the way, if any of you bloggers can teach me how to hyperlink the sites onto the images, I would sure appreciate your guidance. :)

Happy Friday!

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