5 on friday

Friday, April 23, 2010

Time to celebrate another Friday!  Have a great weekend!

1. I LOVE these paper bag lanterns from Design Sponge!  You know my "V" obsession so this is a perfect project! By the way, this site is DANGEROUS!  Proceed with caution - there's eye candy galore!
2. My sister Kristen recently featured a homemade chicken stock recipe - for your crockpot!  It's a two-fer, because you also get a batch of shredded chicken to throw in the freezer for another recipe.  Definitely going to try that one.

3. I am in love with this necklace.  (Thanks Ucreate for introducing me!)

4. Do you know how to fold your money into cool little origami?  There's got to be a fun use for this!

5. I love cute art for kid's rooms, and although I think I can figure out how to make these cute little guys digitally, Martha gives templates (and video instruction) to use with your scrapbook paper at home!

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