Totoro? Is that you?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My sister-in-law gave Logan a great DVD last year - My Neighbor Totoro.

It's a really sweet movie about two girls who move into a new home with their father (their mom is in the hospital) and discover magical creatures.  We all enjoy it and have watched it frequently.

The same sister-in-law and brother-in-law have given him a couple other Totoro gifts too - a cute pillow and a huge stuffed animal.

I'd be willing to bet that most people (outside my family at least) have no idea who Totoro is.  We definitely love him in our house.  And love that Logan enjoys something other than just the over-marketed Disney characters.  We've even been known to make Playdoh versions of Totoro, Soot Sprites and the cat bus when the in-laws are visiting (don't judge - I blame his Auntie and Uncle).

Logan is quite obsessed with Toy Story these days though. And we've been known to use the Toy Story 3 trailer as bribery - usually to get him to go potty or get dressed on those days when he is being otherwise uncooperative.  I've seen the trailer probably 30 times in the last month. 

So how is it possible that I missed it?  Check out the large toy on the left in the back when Trixie the dinosaur is covering her IM tracks (at about 0:48).  Could it be?  Totoro, is that you?  Sellout!
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