Quilting Confession

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I have a confession to make.  I start a lot of projects with good intentions.  But I rarely finish them.

Case in point - my first quilt.

Last fall (maybe even last summer?) I stumbled upon this amazing quilt along on one of my new favorite blogs.  I was inspired.  Quilting can fit into my more modern sense of style?  And it can be easy enough to complete in 7 short weeks?  Try not to snort as you laugh at my stupidity.

So off shopping I went!  I roped my girlfriend Gretchen in, and we went off to the fabric store to buy our wares.  That might have been the best part.  Well, after I decided which quilt to make first (so many quilts, so little time!).  And yes, I didn't decide until I went to the fabric store.  It was like grocery shopping when hungry.  Shopping?  For fabric?  With a girlfriend?  Heaven.  Lunch was also involved.

OK, back to my confession.  I followed along with weeks 1 and 2 on schedule.  And then things went wrong.  VERY wrong.

Not the quilt per se, but once I realized that easy quilt patterns mean mundane sewing taking good chunks of time, I lost interest.  LONG strips of fabric take a LONG time to sew together.  Six of them take even longer.

I finally got my blocks done and was proud of myself.

But it was a couple months later that I finally got around to sewing them together.  I laid them out in a large pattern and rearranged them a bazillion times before I liked the result.  Then, amazingly, I sewed them altogether in record time!  Of course the amount and length of seams at that point was minimal compared to what I had just gone through.

So that was December.  I decided to have it "quilted" (what I did was "piece", not "quilt") by a professional, so I've emailed her to figure out what I need to do.  But more than three months later, the top is still in a box waiting to be matched up with the backing (also in the box but needs to be cut to size) and shipped off.  What am I waiting for?  Well, I know that when I get it back, I'm going to have to do the binding (the outer trim for those non-quilters).  Which looks kind of hard and very tedious.  So if it doesn't get quilted I don't have to bind, right?

Sigh.  Someday.

By the way, I'm already pieceing my second quilt - this one is a robot/spaceman one for Logan.  Super cute.  Wonder if he'll be able to use it before he's 12.

By the way #2 - the quilt along is easy if you are motivated.  I really hadn't sewn anything but a pillowcase or two since high school and was able to figure it out.  At least the piecing part!

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