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Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm a big blog reader. My Google Reader is filled with tons of them I'm following. To the point that I've had to unsubscribe to a bunch just to make it managable to get through. I'm guilty of checking into said Google Reader a bazillion times a week, so cuts had to be made.

I don't necessarily have time to blog, but with family out of town, crafty aspirations, goals to organize my life and home, and an obsession with photos (and improving such photos) I thought my own blog could help me organize a few thoughts.

1. Photography - probably will focus more on my Project 365. And for all those wondering what that is or are struggling with your own P365, you should check out Becky Higgins' Project Life. Buy it. You won't regret it!

2. Log my crafty 'to do' list. And boy, is that list long. You will see LOTS of links posted here eventually to tutorials and other inspirations that I hope to someday find time to accomplish. I have these links saved everywhere - email, favorites on multiple computers, a written to do list. I want to organize them here. Maybe eventually I'll get to show you what I've done with all that inspiration!

3. Maybe eventually post some of my scrapbook layouts. If I ever get brave enough and organized enough to record the credits.

4. Finally, to keep some record of my life that scrapbooks aren't. That's me and my passions and inspiration. I'm finding less "me time" these days between craziness at work and my little family.  And being the one behind the camera all the time, I'm starting to feel like our scrapbooks document them but not me.  This will fill that gap - maybe not in pictures but in passions!

5. OK, so this time I mean finally - Anything else that inspires me. You should know that my Google Reader is broken into the following: couponing (yes, I'm a deal hunter!), crafts, scrapbooking (mainly digi), photography, parenting, interior design, organizing, and even recipes. I reserve the right to post on any and all of these should I choose to do so.

Thanks for enjoying the journey with me. Hope you can find some links on this blog to help you find your inspiration!

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