Logan - 27 Months

Friday, March 26, 2010



You are quite the character these days, buddy.  And I could also say you are quite the handful.  I want to start capturing snapshots of what you are up to at different points in your development, so I thought a letter on my blog might help me track it.

You have more words than I could ever count and are quite vocal.  You are using full sentences and have very clear enunciation.  Sometimes I feel like I'm speaking with a 6 year old!  You ask so many questions: What's that her name?  Which way, Mommy?  What are you doing, Mommy?  But, what are you doing, Mommy? (you repeat that one over and over after I answer).  What's that called?

You know how to count to about 20 (sometimes you lose track in the teens).  You can also count to ten in Spanish and Vietnamese (thanks, Auntie!).  You like to hold up your fingers to show me how many of something you want.  You think it's cool to show me ten by opening up both hands!

You know all your colors and love to match things by color (it's the same red!).  Today we were watching Sesame Street and you pointed to the lady singing a song and said "they are the same pants, mommy!" to show me she was wearing black pants like me. 

We have been having some behavior issues this week.  You've been in lots of time outs for defying us.  When you don't get your way, you talk back and sometimes hit us.  I know you are just frustrated and struggling with how to show it.  You are also crying a lot when I drop you off at school this week, which makes me really sad.  I don't like to leave you every day, so that makes it even harder.  When I ask you later why you were so sad you say, "Because I lost you, Mommy."

You are a total Mommy's boy these days, and I don't know if it is just a phase or it is because Mommy has had to travel for work a lot this year.  You often say, "No, Daddy.  Only Mommy" in relation to just about anything, but particularly when it comes to who is going to lay down with you until you go to sleep.  You also tell me "Mommy, you're my best friend."  That's the best part.

You love to sing, and unusual songs too.  You sing songs from school (at any random time) and like to sing along with Glee episodes ("Rolling" or "Defying Grabity") we have saved on the TV.  You love to have music night with Daddy.  The other night you were singing the chorus to "Alex Chilton" which cracked us up.  You LOVE your ABC Music & Me class in school and the CDs we listen to in the car to and from school.

You have quite the imagination!  You see monsters, and describe them by color to me.  You talk about them being scary and tell them, "I don't like that, monster!"  Earlier this week you talked about the witch you saw on Little Einstein's.  Sometimes you wake up upset at night and I wonder if you are having nightmares about these things.  You usually make Mommy lay with you.

Some of your obsessions that Mommy isn't thrilled about: watching TV and movies, getting free cookies at the grocery store, playing games on Daddy's iPhone (you have skills!), and you pick your nose often. And eat your boogies. And are proud of it. Sigh.

You also love to do somersaults off the couch, which stresses me out.  Sometimes when we are reading a book and ask you a question about the page ("Where's the duck, Logan?") you tell us "Don't say those words!" and demand we read the story.  And the growl you use when talking back to me isn't exactly something I love.

But just about everything else is.  You are our world, buddy.  I look forward to seeing you every morning and sometimes crawl in bed with you at night when you are sleeping because I've missed being with you.  You make me laugh a million times every day and help me see things in a new light.  You are the best thing that's ever happened to us!  We love you LOTS!

Love, Mommy

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