Five on Friday

Friday, March 26, 2010

I've seen these on other blogs, and thought it would be a fast way to get some links up covering some of my favorite topics - food (chocolate specifically), sewing, scrapbooking, organizing and deals!  We'll see if I can manage to get it done weekly.  Hope you find something you enjoy!

1. Chocolate Marshmallow Cake - how amazing does this look?

Photo from Dana
2. Rag Quilt Letters - great for all those scraps!

3. Holiday Card Collage - Ali gave a great tip for how to save holiday cards that I tried (and LOVED!) this year. 

4. Organizing for a Better 2010 - it isn't too late to make that resolution a success!

5. has great deals on gift certificates for restaurants.  They have a deal going on right now (it comes up about once a month) where you can get a $25 gift certificate for $2 (80% off normal price of $10).  There are typically requirements for a minimum purchase at the restaurant ($25-$50), but it usually works out to be a great deal regardless.  Use the code "COOK" now through March 31.

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