you are here baby card

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This was a super quick card – once I settled on the color scheme, I was able to quickly pull my papers, layer them on, and move on to the stamping. I wanted to go a bit untraditional on the card – maybe since it’s for a baby girl and I’m a bit personally averse to pink. Smile
You Area Here Baby Card by Heather Vo
I tried a little different technique on the stamping on this card. I didn’t have exactly the right color of yellow that I wanted to use. I wasn’t afraid to test something out since I was stamping on paper I was adding to the card (I’m always a lot more brave when I’m not stamping directly on the card!). So I took a stamp pen that was a little too orange, one that was a bit too neon, and a distress ink pad that was just a bit too brown and layered them on my stamp. I made sure to be sloppy with each layer so that there would be a bit of a variegated effect. The result was almost like a watercolor stamp – absolutely loved it! I did the same with my red stamping, which was a little less of a success, but I think it still worked.
You Area Here Baby Card by Heather Vo-2

a baby shower two page spread

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My nephew is two and a half now, but I’ve been meaning to scrap these photos (by my favorite photographer – Kate Kintzel!!) FOREVER! I went all out for the shower with crafty things, but it was so crazy fun to do that for the best SIL ever (you can see more detail on the shower crafts here). The photos Kate took made me crazy happy and were screaming to get in my album.
I used a kit I’d made (more on that later) to put this two page spread together, so it came together FAST. So fun and so glad to finally have this in my albums!
Baby Shower Two Page Spread by Heather Vo
Baby Shower Two Page Spread by Heather Vo-2
Baby Shower Two Page Spread by Heather Vo-3
Baby Shower Page by Heather Vo-4Baby Shower Page by Heather VoBaby Shower Page by Heather Vo-3Baby Shower Page by Heather Vo-2

21 candles

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The best niece ever turned 21 this month, so I had to kick up the card just a little. I pulled out my Cameo for this one!
21st Birthday Card by Heather Vo
Here’s the back.
21st Birthday Card by Heather Vo-4
And a bit more detail.
21st Birthday Card by Heather Vo-2

you know I love to make baby gifts!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Some of our friends had a baby girl recently, and you know I couldn’t wait to make her a gift! I used my favorite technique (see posts on it here and here) to make some onesies – my favorite baby gift. Her initials are KK if you can’t tell below. Smile 
Reverse Applique Onesie by Heather Vo-2Reverse Applique Onesie by Heather Vo
I made two versions – the second was pink one with a reverse applique heart – I apparently didn’t take a photo of that one, but this one was definitely my favorite, so that’s OK! Can’t wait to see this adorable little sweet pea in them!

around here: june

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Last day of school for this one was in June, and lots of amazing camp experiences since! June had a week of nature camp, followed by a week of zoo camp, then another week at nature camp and then a short holiday week at sports camp. We’ve had some challenging transitions, but all in all I think he’s enjoying the new experiences!
06 Jun by Heather Vo 01
All those camps means a lot of time in the car (since of course none of them are close to our house!). That means a LOT of books have been read already this summer. Current favorites are the How to Train Your Dragon series (he’s on book 11!) and Spirit Animals series (book 2!).
06 Jun by Heather Vo 01-406 Jun by Heather Vo 01-2006 Jun by Heather Vo 01-1006 Jun by Heather Vo 01-1706 Jun by Heather Vo 01-806 Jun by Heather Vo 01-3106 Jun by Heather Vo 02
Speaking of How to Train Your Dragon we went to see the sequel in June! BEST. SEQUEL. EVER. Definitely a favorite!!
06 Jun by Heather Vo 01-33
She slept A LOT. And destroyed things in our backyard. Only one pepper plant (including like 6 baby chile peppers) has been lost so far in her destruction. Still a little afraid to think of where those hot peppers went? The best part is if you google how to keep dogs out of gardens everyone recommends chile peppers. Someone forgot to tell Daisy that dogs don't like peppers!
06 Jun by Heather Vo 01-2306 Jun by Heather Vo 01-2706 Jun by Heather Vo 01-906 Jun by Heather Vo 01-1306 Jun by Heather Vo 01-1406 Jun by Heather Vo 01-1606 Jun by Heather Vo 01-1506 Jun by Heather Vo 01-22
Lots of garden changes this month. This bed has zucchini, yellow squash, radishes, parsnips and lots of varieties of carrots:
06 Jun by Heather Vo 01-2806 Jun by Heather Vo 01-306 Jun by Heather Vo 02-3
And this bed has tomato, cucumber, peppers, a watermelon and sweet potato plants (notice the stake without it’s pepper plant on the right photo, right side in the center!):
06 Jun by Heather Vo 01-2906 Jun by Heather Vo 02-206 Jun by Heather Vo 01-12
We enjoyed some radishes and our first Roma tomato in June, but it’s pretty obvious that July will bring a big harvest!

We went to the Bacon Festival in Keystone this month. It was pretty crazy, but pretty awesome. Favorites were the big game sliders, bacon cinnamon roll, and bacon mac & cheese. Logan ate only one bacon item, the party pooper. But he did love hanging out on the buffalo statue!
06 Jun by Heather Vo 01-706 Jun by Heather Vo 01-606 Jun by Heather Vo 01-2
Nice weather meant LOTS of playground visits.
06 Jun by Heather Vo 01-1806 Jun by Heather Vo 01-2106 Jun by Heather Vo 01-32
And a little tree climbing and fishing!
06 Jun by Heather Vo 0306 Jun by Heather Vo 01-3006 Jun by Heather Vo 01-2
We also had some super tasty meals while out and about at some new and old favorites: Chicago Style Beef and Dogs, Sushi Den, Maria Empanada, and Three Margaritas.
06 Jun by Heather Vo 01-606 Jun by Heather Vo 01-706 Jun by Heather Vo 01-3506 Jun by Heather Vo 01-36
Happy July!!!
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