Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2014 project life volume 1

Here’s my cover page for 2014. I purchased the “Just Add Color” kit from HSN when they were selling it awhile back and I love all the square slots in the page protectors/cards. So excited to use them this year.

Soon I’ll show you how I changed my approach to project life, this fifth year in!
All items except for the letter stickers, flair, veneer card, and ampersand are from the kit. Here’s the resources for the rest: Letter Stickers: October Afternoon and Basic Grey. Flair and Veneer Card: Two Peas In a Bucket. Ampersand: From the OhDeerMe kit for March 2014.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Love notes 2014

Every February 1, we set our mailboxes and pass love notes to each other. They stay out until Valentine’s Day.
This may very well be my favorite tradition of our family. Inevitably there are more notes from me to the boys than there are from them to me, but I figure any scrapbooking I do is filled with my journaling anyway, so I don’t mind!

Last year I planned ahead and put out Project Life journaling cards. That mini album is still one of my very favorite. So this year I decided to do the same. I print some recent pics (matching up the duo of who the opposite card is to/from), add a few embellishments and call it done. Super happy with this year’s too. Here are some highlights.
Most of the Project Life cards were from the Clementine kit, but also includes some Seafoam kit and from various Studio Calico Project Life kits.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Christmas Card Pages for 2013

I continued my tradition of cutting down our holiday cards and combining them into a two page layout with our Christmas card. I got this idea originally from Ali Edwards. Here’s my version for Christmas 2013.
I made a lovely (very expensive) ornament card online this year, but could realistically only afford a few without blowing my budget. I sent those to those I knew would really appreciate them, but then used this same photo in some slip in cards for everyone else. Instead of using all versions of the card in the layout, I used my favorite one. Then obviously I played off the circles on the right.
It’s always a bit heartbreaking to break up a family, but inevitably there are at least a few card photos that are just a bit too big to fit otherwise. :) I do the best and let it be. I’m just happy they are documented and don’t worry about the rest!

I believe both papers are Studio Calico from this year and last year’s holiday collection. There are some other bits that I don’t have credits for, unfortunately.

Here is my layout for 2012, and the post from 2011 with the previous years. For those wondering, I keep these in a separate album. Love looking through them every year. Seriously one of my favorite January projects!

So ends our Christmas week on Project Create Something. :) Stay tuned for some posts coming up on my Project Life album for 2014 and what I did with all those love notes we gave each other before Valentine’s Day!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

december daily 2013

I am notorious for taking on way too much during the holidays, overstressing myself on projects and activities I’m trying to cram in before Christmas. This year was quite different. I was determined to make it a simple and calm holiday season. Replacing all of our main level floors put a slight kink in that, but also kind of forced me from a craft and baking perspective to abandon some of my overzealous plans, which helped a lot (even if it did make it not quite feel like Christmas on a few occasions).

I am always so inspired by the December Daily albums I see out there, and often either start with big plans that mean my albums lay half finished for nearly a year, or I tell myself I won’t do an album at all only to be disappointed at month end. So this year, I took another approach. I bought myself a few supplies, including a Studio Calico Handbook and some pocket pages. After gathering my supplies together I honestly (thanks in part ot the floor project) packed it all away for the rest of the month. Instead I focused on the stories all month long, making mental note of things to document how this December is different via my photos. I endeavoured to have one simple story a day, with only a photo or two to uspport. Then in January, I spent a few hours one day to compile my album, and then a little bit more time later that week to do the journaling. LOVED this approach – I have a December Daily I love, I documented our holidays again, and I hve an album that was complete just a couple weeks after for once. I love me a finished project.

This album is nothing earth-shaking or amazing creatively. But it is done and that brings me crazy amounts of joy. I won’t bore you with every page here – just a few highlights.
Heather Vo DecDaily 2013 (1 of 22)Heather Vo DecDaily 2013 (2 of 22)Heather Vo DecDaily 2013 (6 of 22)Heather Vo DecDaily 2013 (7 of 22)Heather Vo DecDaily 2013 (8 of 22)Heather Vo DecDaily 2013 (11 of 22)Heather Vo DecDaily 2013 (12 of 22)Heather Vo DecDaily 2013 (18 of 22)Heather Vo DecDaily 2013 (20 of 22)Heather Vo DecDaily 2013 (21 of 22)Heather Vo DecDaily 2013 (22 of 22)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2012 rack album

I've declared the first week in March the week I'll blog about Christmas scrapbooking projects. Mainly because most of them took me well into January to complete then well into February to photograph and blog. But also because I kind of feel bad posting about Christmas in March, so I'll throw them both in the same week and we can move onto spring! Today's post is on our "RACK" album for 2012. On Thursday I'll post my December Daily for 2013.

Awhile back I bought an lovely art journal album from Mou Saha’s etsy shop on a whim. I’ve been ever since trying to figure out the perfect project to use it for. Our 2012 “Random Acts of Christmas Kindness” activity seemed like a great opportunity. The best part is that we flipped through it together to inspire our 2013 venture. And then just a couple weeks ago he opened it again and got teary after re-reading day 14. One of the exact reasons I love this hobby of mine.

Most of this album was part of the premade album that I purchased. I mixed up the pages and did a bit of embellishing (particularly the numbers) on my own. A lot of the photos are Instagram pics I printed via Persnickety. Such a quick and fun project.
Heather Vo RACK 2013 (1 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (2 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (3 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (4 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (5 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (6 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (7 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (8 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (9 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (10 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (11 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (12 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (13 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (14 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (15 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (16 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (17 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (18 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (19 of 20)Heather Vo RACK 2013 (20 of 20)

Friday, February 28, 2014

around here: february

We have been exploring some new board games. And playing some with friends.
We enjoyed our annual two weeks of love notes. I used Project Life journaling cards again. A mini album is in the works!

Trung has been cooking up a storm. There are some major benefits to having a husband who works from home (who also loves to cook).
We’ve also enjoyed some lovely meals out, some with friends. Including two trips to our most favorite Vietnamese restaurant.
I finished a project a year in the making!

This one pretty much just went to the dog park or slept. I think the excessive dog park visits may have had something to do with all the sleeping.
Trader Joes finally opened in Denver, so of course we made a trip!

We’ve been reading lots (at least Logan and I have) like usual. He’s been reading some chapter books on his own. But before bed every night, he likes to “book light read” and one of his Calvin and Hobbes books is ALWAYS the winner.
Trung has been up to some big things. Volocity Engineering is officially open for business! So proud of him!!

We built a giant fort that took up our entire family room then vegged in it together one afternoon.
We had a GREAT Valentine’s Day. My boys spoiled me. In fact, Logan might have said to Trung “Mommy is so spoiled!” That night we went to a fun benefit called Hearts of All Ages. A fun event of magicians, balloon animals and some fun treats.
I picked up this guy from school twice this month, which is a BIG deal for me. So happy about that and definitely going to do my best to be consistent about it. The second time I surprised him - he didn't know I'd be there instead of Daddy. We drove in the driveway at home after and he proclaimed, "Mommy, this is the first time you have been home at 4:03. I am usually missing you at 4:03." Melt.