MACM: monogram birthday card

Monday, October 20, 2014

Awhile back, I found these letter masks on clearance at Michaels. I’ve made a couple projects with them, one of which was a project for Logan. We spelled out his name and used watercolors to make the background. I was so in love with the result, that I used that project to inspire today’s Make a Card Monday card for my sweet friend Em.
Initial Birthday Card by Heather Vo
I used a square of watercolor paper for the best result. I masked off a border around the letter E with some washi tape (goodness knows I have enough!). Then I went to town. I kept mine pretty organized, because that is how I roll! a kind of layers of yellow, orange and blue inside the border and an ombre green outside.
Initial Birthday Card by Heather Vo-2
After I peeled off the masks, I used a roller stamp to put in a message and outlined everything in black pen. I like the slightly messy outlining with the watercolor! Then I added some enamel dots and a wood veneer heart (dyed with Distress Ink) to accent the border with a little 3D. So happy with the result! This is definitely a design I’ll be repeating in the future!

project life: june 2014

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Time for some Project Life catching up on the blog! Can’t wait to share how my Project Life approach changed in August, but I have to get you caught up first. Here was June!
It’s kind of funny to me to blog about Logan’s last day of school since he’s about 6 weeks into the new year! Ha! I like to take photos of him on the morning of his first day, so I decided to do a mini portrait session the morning of his last day. Some bribery may have been involved! Then the right hand layout is about all our park excursions that month.
June 2014 Project Life by Heather Vo (1 of 15)
Gosh, I adore this kid’s heart…June 2014 Project Life by Heather Vo (2 of 15)
An amazingly awesome bonus dinner with our favorite dining duo. June 2014 Project Life by Heather Vo (3 of 15)
Some major garden progress. And an excursion to see one of our new favorite movies!
June 2014 Project Life by Heather Vo (4 of 15)
End of school meant start of summer camp. Definitely some highs and lows over the summer.
June 2014 Project Life by Heather Vo (5 of 15)
Some summertime miscellany on the left (friends’ new baby, Father’s Day, some summer treats). On the right, some things the little guy and I loved to do together and just some fun special one on one time. Love that I get some extra time with this kiddo nowadays!
June 2014 Project Life by Heather Vo (6 of 15)
Our yummy treats for the month. Some random deliciousness at home and out and about on the left, and our trip to the Bacon Festival (yep, you read that right) on the right!
June 2014 Project Life by Heather Vo (7 of 15)
Love that he dove into reading this summer. We made weekly library visits to keep up on his habit. And of course, some token Logan/Daisy pics!
June 2014 Project Life by Heather Vo (8 of 15)
Some garden prettiness and some boy time.
June 2014 Project Life by Heather Vo (10 of 15)
This kiddo is quite the character. So I collected a random assortment of photos to show that off. The right side is about some random notes about both my and Trung’s careers this month.
June 2014 Project Life by Heather Vo (12 of 15)
This girl. She is quite the character too. We did a bit of dogsitting for our favorite furry houseguest. And of course there were lots of token sleeping shots. Oh, and Daisy turned one – celebrating her birthday with a lovely nap!
June 2014 Project Life by Heather Vo (15 of 15)
So that’s June!
The Mom Creative

MACM: baby card

Monday, October 13, 2014

Obviously my cardmaking this year has made handmade cards a central theme on this blog, so I decided to make it a regular series. Welcome to “Make a Card Monday”. :)
A dear crafting friend asked me if I’d make a card to go with a gift she was making for her friend that was expecting twins. Aside from my etsy venture with invitations, this was my first experience making a card for someone else to give, and I found it a bit stressful. I was probably more critical of this card than any other I’ve done.
Baby Card by Heather Vo
It wasn’t a baby shower or anything, so I just wanted a general baby card. The babies initials were M & S, and she asked for some purple, so that’s where I started. I used my favorite purple polka dot washi on a white tag, and a scallop punch on some purple vellum to start. I’d found those wooden tags at Michaels awhile back, so I stamped one of my favorite Studio Calico kit stamps on there and added a bit of marker to color in the flower. I stamped the ampersand on a white card and added a bit of washi before putting on the letter stickers. The bakkers at the top are just some washi, a sticker, and a stamp (probably from an old SC kit).
Baby Card by Heather Vo-2
I’ve been hoarding those letter stickers with the stars for probably about 15 years. Seriously! They were so cute but I just never had a great opportunity to use them. I didn’t even pick the color scheme from them – when I went to look for some alphas to go with, I happened upon them. Guess this color scheme was meant to be. :)
Have you ever made a card for someone else to give?

this day, nine years ago

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This day, nine years ago, I walked down the aisle to this song. My best friend in the world was at the end waiting for me.
Nine years later, I really think we are more in sync than ever. I truly love him more than I did nine years ago – than I did when we fell in love eighteen and a half years ago!
I’m pretty confident he doesn’t read my blog, and so I’m going to share the card I made for him (I figure he’ll see it in about an hour anyway). I’ve been thinking about using some lyrics to that song in some home décor project, so I had it on the brain. It seemed like a perfect thing to use on his anniversary card. I love the look of white on kraft, so I used my trusty white pen and went to town.
2014-09-16 17.53.57-1
I added a couple wood veneer pieces dyed with some Distress Ink in red, and mounted them on a simple paper white heart (which was a leftover from another home décor project which I will shared soon). I added a bit of the distressing ink to the edges of the card to make it pop a bit.
2014-09-16 17.54.20-1
So happy with how it turned out. A super simple card design, but I hope he’ll see how much heart I put into it!

this life is pretty amazing

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I was itching to play with my Cameo one day and took to browsing my Quotes board on Pinterest for something to use on a scrapbook page. This quote stuck with me, so I played around in Studio with some fonts.
Pretty Amazing by Heather Vo (1 of 5)
I wanted the quote to shine (literally – I used glitter paper on the “Amazing”) so I used a variety of Studio Calico kit scraps to back each portion of the phrase. I adore the results!
Pretty Amazing by Heather Vo (2 of 5)
This is one of those pages that I started without photos in mind. I decided ot pick some of the Instagram prints I’d had printed at Persnickety awhile back. Just a random assortment of some simple but awesome things about our life from 2013. Using some washi circles I got in a previous kit, I added some embellishments on the photo side.
Pretty Amazing by Heather Vo (4 of 5)Pretty Amazing by Heather Vo (3 of 5)

i miss your face

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Miss Your Face by Heather Vo (4 of 4)
I did the Auntie of a two year old thing from a distance before. I know what to expect. You grow super close when you are visiting, but then they act as if you’ve never met the next time you see them. They refuse to talk on a phone. It’s hard – without a doubt! Thank goodness I have a tech-savvy sis-in-law to get me through this round. Between text messages and Instagram and even some Facetime, I get to see this face quite a bit more than I did my niece and other nephew. But it’s still hard to be so far away!
Miss Your Face by Heather Vo (1 of 1)Miss Your Face by Heather Vo (1 of 4)
My sister made us the awesome 4x6 calendars I’ve been making for years, and that’s helped us get through a bit too. I couldn’t let those cute little square photos go to waste. I also couldn’t wait until I had all 12 so I just cropped some others of my own to go with.

My Cameo came out to play again as well. I’m loving the reverse titles these days! I added some white pen accents on some of the chevron background to help it pop a little.
Miss Your Face by Heather Vo (3 of 4)
I made one of the photos flip open to reveal the hand journaling.

Luckily I got to see and kiss this sweet face lots a couple weeks ago, and only have six weeks to wait to see it again. I’m already looking forward to it!
Miss Your Face by Heather Vo (2 of 4)

Playful Birthday Card

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Remember my oldest sister’s library card birthday card that was perfect for that book lover? I wanted to be sure to do something special to celebrate my middle sister’s birthday. She has done a lot of writing (and is a bit of a grammar junkie!) and she also dabbles a bit in crafts. So I went a bit heavy on the text with lots of fun different alpha stickers on this one. I think it turned out pretty playful!
Card by Heather Vo-4
Card by Heather Vo-6Card by Heather Vo-5
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